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HI, I'm Mattye.

I am a Boston-based interior designer living in East Boston.

As a child I was constantly trying to convince my mom to let me redecorate my room. Having an eye for design, she didn't mind too much, but when she picked up on the fact that I would only wear nightgowns that matched my designs in both color and period style, she lost patience.

In high school my dad got me autoCAD and I taught myself how to use it. While the other kids were rushing home from school to hang out with friends, I was rushing home to my computer to design and decorate the latest house I had dreamt up. 

I went on to North Carolina State University, majoring in visual arts, for my undergraduate degree, and then to graduate school at Boston Architectural College for Residential Interior Design.

In July of 2016 I purchased a single-family home built c. 1912, and began a two phase renovation project. Phase 1, which included the gut and renovation of everything within the existing footprint of the house, and could be done on a short-form permit, was completed in Spring 2017. Phase 2 included a small addition requiring a long-form permit, and was completed Spring 2021.

I am currently in the process of building a new house that I designed. It is expected to be completed in the Spring of 2024.

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